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Mount Olive is affiliated with the 3 million member Lutheran Church – Missouri Synod. The “Missouri” is an historical reference to the part of the United States where many of the earliest members lived; we are an international church body. The word “Synod” means “those who walk together”; this refers to the origins of our church body over 150 years ago when people from different parts of our country decided to journey together according to the same understanding of the Christian faith. Today, together with our sister congregations throughout the United States, Canada, and the world, we sponsor mission stations, welfare agencies, and educational institutions in many parts of the world. We support mission work here at home and in dozens of other nations.

The Lutheran Church is named for Dr. Martin Luther, who under God, was largely responsible for the Reformation in the sixteenth century. It is not called "Lutheran" because it followed Luther's ideas about God and religion, but rather because it agreed with Luther's approach to the Bible.

The Lutheran Church is the largest Protestant denomination in the world. Of our 80,000,000 members throughout the world, more than 9,000,000 are within the United States

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